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Assalamualaikum and hi

I got a chat from  Mardhiyyah Rosli to answering her questions….

 So,…. This is my answer

1. Tell me about yourself.
My name is Haziqah Aliah. So, you can call me Ziqah or Lia.. I am 18 years , 1 month 12 days on 16 May 2017. I was studied at SMKSM as form 6 student. Inshaallah, one day I will want to be a teacher or account.. ((or both?)). When I was boring, I will open my blog to write anything in my mind. I love to make family and friends happy. Hahahaha. Okay, that’s all my intro about myself

1.      2.  If you are given RM 1M, what you are going to do with it?
If I are given RM 1 million,………
 I will bring my all family to Mecca.
I want to travel around the world.
I want to give charity to the needy
I can buy what I want to do

1.      3. If you have a superpower, what kind of superpower you want?
If I have a superpower, …….
I want to disappeared my haterss
I want get a best student. Hehehe

1.       4. Between anime and k-drama, which one do you like the best? State your favourite anime/k-drama.
Actually I’m not anime and k-drama fans. But,of course I still prefer k-drama. I just like “W” movie. I like to watching Lee Jong Suk’s character. Hahaha

5. What is your ideal man/woman?
1. My ideal man is...
Handsome, of course. Hahaha
Not stingy
Obey the command of Allah

1.     6.  If you are given to choose to stay in one of the four seasons(summer, winter, spring and fall), which seasons you choose and why?
Season I choose is spring. It is because, I can imagine I was running sorrounded by flower with my hero.. ((janam janam janam))

1.       7. What is your favourite band/musician?
My favourite band is…….
Big Bang ((since 2013))

1.      8.  What is your favourite school subject?
My favourite school subject are…..
Account ((still number and number))

1.       9.Write about a lesson that you've learned the hard way.
Do not make a evil to other people

1.       10.What is your favourite food?
My favourite food are …….
Nasi Ayam

1.     11. What are the things that make you laugh out loud?
 The things make me laugh out loud….
 when my friends make a crazy fun
when I read instagram post about joke and caption((@lawak_hambar))

Done answering your questions even late hihihi. Thanks you for tagged me. Sorry, I did not prepare the questions. Busy life. Also, sorry for typo, wrong grammar.

Wassalam, bye

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  1. thank you ziqah.

    Kak Mya pun suka numbers juga tapi lepas masuk universiti. Dekat U baru fikir all the numbers yg kita belajar dekat sekolah sebenarnya lagi senang.

    Btw, I wish you all the best for your studies.


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